Why don't other companies offer All Inclusive driving lessons?

The answer is simple if you don't use top quality driving instructors with excellent pass rates then the company would not be in business for long.


You will not find another company in the UK that will put their money where their mouth is and offer an all inclusive price with an unlimited amount of driving lessons, we operate throughout the majority of England and Wales.

Welcome to Your Fully All Inclusive Driving School

This is a revolutionary way to learn to drive - 1 fee is all you need.

Hassle free, we take care of it all, we book your theory and practical driving test, all you have to do is concentrate on learning to drive.

The UK’s only fully all Inclusive Driving School. Unlimited Lessons For Only £1295

What's Included?

The theory test fee and training, the practical driving test fee and unlimited driving lessons.

It is in the interest of our driving instructors to get you through your driving test 1st time.

Book Unlimited driving lessons online

You can save over £450 on your driving lessons if you choose to take all inclusive driving lessons according to DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency)

Now that’s a lot of bang for your buck!

Value for Money

The DVSA (The company that conducts the UK's driving test) have a study and have come up with these figures, the average learner requires 47 hours of professional instruction and 20 hours of private practice, that's a total of 67 hours, with an average cost of lessons at around £24 per hour totalling £1608 on just lesson fee's, not taking into account the price of test fee's with the theory being £25 and the practical being £62 = £1695 providing you pass first time.

We have trimmed this average spend down saving you money. Lets assume you are not the average learner and take 20% longer to learn that would cost you an additional £340 on top of what you have spent already. You can soon see how All Inclusive driving lessons can be the most cost effective way to pass your driving test.


You have 12 months in which to pass your driving test, the majority of learners pass their test within 6 months, the important thing to remember is that you will not have the added pressure of paying out for any other driving lessons on the run up to your driving test, if you fail the most it can cost you is another driving test fee.

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